Lake Titicaca Frog made into soup, but making a Comeback


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Lake Titicaca Frogs are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources' Red List, due to pollution, habitat loss and invasive species.
They're also threatened by human consumption. Wrinkly frog legs? No. Superstitious beliefs that the frogs have medicinal and aphrodisiac properties, according to the Denver Zoo.
Zoo officials estimate that 150 of the frogs are killed every day in Peru for human consumption[...]

I wonder if they have good binocular vision with those comically forward facing eyes?
What a strange looking Kermit! What a treasure, crikey! I hope they conserve the species from extinction, and that if they start a cb program and re-release them, they dont inadvertently spread chytrid!

I hope they dont tell the french either! :D
Would any of you try this soup? I would just to say I had it. I had turtle soup and it was chewy, not that tasty.
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