Laid eggs, never knew.


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I guess I should start with Sunday. I noticed her get on the ground three times when I came in the room. Pretty abnormal for her to ever literally get on the ground so I kind of figured she would be laying eggs soon. I was really in and out of the house I did not pay a great deal of attention to it. That night I checked on her right before the lights went out. On her normal branch chilling, looked good.

Now Monday I came in after working and she looked rather dehydrated, although, nothing to bad. I figured she must have laid her eggs. I pulled the container which is kind of designated for that purpose and there was nothing in it. I did a check over the cage real briefly and saw nothing to warrant one of the plants coming out of the cage.

Fast forward to today. I went to clean up some poop, a couple leaves, and wipe off the bottom. When I reached around the schefferella pot in the corner to wipe I pulled back a couple big clumps of soil. The cage itself is in a corner and so the plant is in that corner so I guess I just missed it some how.

I pulled the plant emptied it and found 17 eggs at the bottom which should be fertile and look it at this point. I had an accident out of my control with the last clutch I had so hopefully this clutch will turn out better. I plan on keeping them all for awhile and then cutting it down to 5-10 eggs that will hopefully hatch. Not sure I could handle much more then that.
I Can Relate

I Have Had The Similar Situation : 1-04-07 Conception
From 2-14 Thru 4-01-07 She Was Digging And Abandoning Holes (maybe 15-20 Times)
I Went Out Of Town For 3 Days And Came Back To 20 Eggs On The Bottom Of The Cage, No Dirt , No Hole , Just Laying On The Bottom Of The Cage. I Guess Original Spot Was Not Secluded Enough. With An Empty House And 2 Months Overdue She Got A Little Desperate. I Am Just Happy She Didn't Become Eggbound And Die. The Eggs Have Gone Concave About 20 % But I Am Not Worried They Seem To Pop Out With Proper High Humidity Incubation. Never Throw Out Eggs Until You Are 100% Sure They Are Dead. They Can Get Real Ugly And Yet Still Hatch. Mold Can Be Beat With Footpowder. Good Luck
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