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Hi everyone!
Ill be making a trip to Los Angeles this week xD
Does anyone knows about a good reptile store in Los Angeles area?
I want to buy my chameleons and some stuff...
anyone knows about a good place with good chams and prices? xD
I was thinking about lllreptile, but it seems to be a little far away from L.A =/
Exotic fish and reptile is a good store in Chatsworth. It's about 30 minutes away from downtown LA. I love the staff and are pretty knowledgeable, even for a pet store. He has a few chams that are pricey, but it is a retail store and not a breeder. I watched my new ambilobe female there for 3 weeks or so and finally bought her yesterday and she's a great animal. He's got 2 ambilobe males still there that are very outgoing and look good. He's also has a good variety of feeders. PM if you want to know more.
the thing its that im actually looking for a veiled cham.....
the thing is that we will be making the trip in my uncle´s car, and I really dont feel like asking him to drive me to a far away store...
I wonder if the any of the sponsors would ship to the hotel, or something like that...
any suggestions :p?
There's a shop in Burbank called Scales and Tails that is pretty cool. They have some good grapevine sticks and some good feeders like silkworms and horn worms (even pinkies). A lady that works there breeds panthers and they have several baby ambilobes.

I've seen veileds at Petco around here, but well, it's Petco.

Hope that helps.
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