Kitty Fired up

Brad Ramsey

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Well, as much as he gets fired up....he's pretty low key for a Veiled.
Someone asked for this pic recently..I think Chun Yee.
Here's a couple from today. He's 10 months old.

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I know!
I'm thinking he has still a few months to grow so it will all even out...but Geez!

I would love to have "kittens"! Just don't have space for a girl right patient I'll figure it out;)

OMG.........he is looking like Storm the yellow + orange veiled... He looks awesome brad.... let me know if he sire some babies...i would love to have 1.:D
Brad-there is always more room! I no longer have a dining room between my large bird cage and 2 chameleon cages. My female Veiled is in my bedroom, and I have 3 Pygmies coming this week or next!

Kitty is the same shape as my male Veiled Leon with his giant head and casque.
I seriously think he's going to end up with a 4" casque.
It's just under 2" now.
He is showing a lot of yellow.
I believe (and this will be info some of you already know) that Storm was Kitty's Mother's brother from Tyler.
His dad was sired by Smaug from the Kammer's.
Saibara (Kitty's Dad) is high yellow but doesn't show the yellow Kitty does, and I expect Kitty to continue to get more vivid. With every shed he's showing more.

Now maybe once every 6 to 8 weeks.
Seems to do it in sections lately instead of all at once, and
quite often a double shed on his head and casque.

He's really getting his colors nicely. I see he's a bit grumpy when he first gets up?
Is he at the 6 month mark?
I'm glad to hear about his sheds as that is exactly what's started to happen with Fractal. The double head shed.
Btw... Fractal got out the other day... endearing was that he tried to get back to his cage, but fell to sleep underneath on the rod iron rail. I put the tiny "transport" ficus there and told him he HAD to go nighty night in his cage now and he obediently climbed on and went to bed in his cage. I can't believe how good he was about it. Considering there was a big colorful drama earlier when I was trying to round him up... unsuccessfully. lol
How's Kitty's personality?
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