Kitty and his collard greens

Brad Ramsey

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Kitty, my 4 and 1/2 month old male veiled sure enjoys his daily greens!
Go to the Raisingkitty blog (address below) to see two new pictures I took this morning of his vegetarian tendencies.

Great pics and the blog is great! How are you 'serving' him his greens? I was thinking about getting a veggie clip and putting it in our veiled cage and letting him bite/rip off pieces. Do you cut kittys up into bite sized pieces or does he rip pieces off a larger leaf?

ya mine is almost 9 mo old now and i wanted to start feeding greens but i dont know how to serve them. i cup feed him and tried cutting some up a while back and he didnt like them, but now i want to try again. i think he's been munching on his pothos but im not positive.
Hi Brad,
My Hydro will be 4 months old on the 13th of this month. Can I also feed him greens, and maybe some fruits? I'm not sure what else to feed a Pather Chameleons, any suggestions?

Thanks for your help
The panther will probably not eat any vegetable matter.
As for the veileds: I think a veggie clip is a good idea. I just pierced the greens on a branch in the enclosure and he got way to big of a piece. I had to help him by ripping some of it away while he was trying to negotiate swallowing the whole thing. In the past he has been able to rip pieces off but this time the whole leaf came. They are pretty violent when they attack a leaf. A clip is probably the way to go as it would better secure the greens so he could rip off what he wanted. He has been eating collards, romaine, butter lettuce and arugala like this since he was about two months old. I started greens right away when I noticed him trying to eat a silk plant in his enclosure.

It is pretty unlikely that Hydro will eat fruit or greens. Panthers don't really take to eating vegetation, although there are a few exceptions.

Thanks for sharing Brad. I wish my veiled would eat greens but he won't, but I am still trying to encourage him to eat them.
ok so i got theidea with the greens. but for a veiled could i try any fruits? for my crestie i have babyfood that i finally got him to not eat as much, down to 1 serving a month and the rest is crix. well would the babyfood work? or should i get the fresh organic fruit?
I don't offer fruit to my veiled but some people do. I think apple slices would be alright once in awhile. I would be careful though with what I was offering, bananas don't seem like a good idea for example. Certainly no tomatoes, brocolli or spinich. I just stick to the greens I mentioned. I know they're safe and he likes them. Don't try to turn him into an iguana.

Someone said something about Bananas in the thread.

Bananas should not be fed because they have very high Phosphorus content- something that you chameleon receives PLENTY of from insect feeders. It can build up too much in the system.
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Thank you Will.
I said I didn't think bananas would be a good idea but did not say why. Primarily because I did not know why. I had read something at some point but did not remember specifics.

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