Kinyongia dorjeesuni

Discussion in 'Science And Conservation' started by MrCus, Jan 13, 2010.

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    hi everyone

    first of all: happy 2010 :)
    A few month ago, i read an article about the Kinyongia dorjeesuni. The only description of this new species I found is on
    - to be honest, in my eyes this is not a real description.
    The only pictures I found look like a female Kinyongia oxyrhina:

    So am I wrong when I say, this species is not valid?

    Or did they publish this species in an "official" way (e.g. Zootaxa)
  2. bifidus

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    Species can be descibed on internet only (so not in some "offizial" journal like Zootaxa only) but it needs to be delivered to half dozen of libaries, etc.
    Description must be valid, so it needs identify the species, so there must be description and differential diagnosis.
    However I believe article is waiting somewhere for publishing, in many journals you need wait several years until it will be published. Zootaxa is therefore so popular because there it goes relatively quickly.
    After it will be published will be possible discuss about species validiy.
  3. Chris Anderson

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    At the moment "Kinyongia dorjeesuni" is a nomen nudum ( and I understand from Michele Menegon that it is currently being described. We will see when the paper comes out finally but I suspect they may have difficulty describing a new species based off a female that so closely resembles K. oxyrhina, which in recent years has been found to be more widespread then we knew. That said, at this point he may have a male now to include in the description, there may be some significant morphological difference that isn't obvious in the photo or it may be so different genetically that it warrants description, we'll just have to wait and see.

  4. MrCus

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    ok - is there any place where I can read what has to be done to have a "valid description" (what libraries .e.g. it needs to be delivered)
  5. Chris Anderson

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    The rules are outlined in the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN). You can find an online copy of the code here:


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