Kinyongia boehmei

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We recently received a very nice shipment of Kenyan chameleons to add to our breeding projects here at Tiki Tiki Reptiles. Unfortunately we don’t have room to keep all of them so we are offering a few of the best our customers.

The Kinyongia boehmei is a relatively new sub species that may have yet to been bred in captivity. We are excited to work with this small and rare chameleon. We have limited pairs available however those who purchase lone males upon request will be placed on a waiting list for CB females when (and if) our eggs hatch. They are greedily eating houseflies, small crickets and baby mantis. The group is getting more colorful every day and acclimating very well. They are now ready to be shipped to forever homes. Please contact us if you have any questions.

*Prices are without shipping*
Males - $75
Female - $120
Female (Damaged eye-Otherwise fine) - $60
Pair - $175
Reverse Trio - $240
2 males - $135



I only have 2 males left, and my imperfect female. I have not sold any to forum members and I would really like some to stay in the ‘family’; as such I am putting the last two males on sale for $60 each and the Female with the damaged eye on sale for $50. Buy the pair for $100 or 2.1 for $150. For now this is only a chameleon forum sale.
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