KILLING escaped crickets


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Ahhhhhhhh With the coolness of my basement and summers humidity the few escaped crickets over the winter have started to breed like rabbits. How do I get rid of them? :confused: Help
Get many house geckos.... <G>
If it were me, I would catch many fence lizards and put them down there, myself. (making sure they have water and a way to bask in the sun) One benign way to alleviate the problem, yeah?
The sticky traps made to catch mice work great at catching crickets. The pre-baited ones have a sweet smell that attract the crickets. They are fairly cheap too. I get 3 packs of them at the dollar store for a buck :) Shop-vac works well too.. just vacuum them up.
Funny you say that. I recently had an experience where I accidently left the top open on my cricket keeper. When I got home, as I was walking down the hall, looking into my room, the carpet in my room appeared to have dirt spilled on it. At first thought, I figured the wind blew a potted ficus off a shelf that was located in front of a window. As I got within 5 feet of the door, all the dirt scattered. I was so upset as something close to 300 crickets got loose in my room. It took me 8 hours that night to get most of them (I would put food on the floor on each side of my bed. I would lay on the bed with a shoe in each hand and roll from one side to the next to stomp on them when they came out of hiding. I had to be super quick cause they scattered so fast and the room isso cramped, they were one hope away from cover on most was funny to say the least).

Anyway, I was still killing crickets several weeks later.

Good luck!
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