Keeping my Jackson healthy


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I just bought a Jackson yesterday, a male. I have a Reptibreeze mesh cage 18x18x36. I have a 5.0 reptsun UVB and and a 60 basking light. I have lots of plastic plants wrapped around twisting vines as well as wood branches purchased at a pet store. I would post a pic, but keep trying and it doesn't work.

I have been hand misting several times a day. Where I purchased the Cham they said although it's unusal this Cham drinks from th dish everday. I put a dish in there as well.

I keep the light on at leats 14 hours and shut both of at night. Some say not to leave the basking light on for Jacksons...not sure. I live in NJ.

He is eating crickets that are loose in the cage that are dusted with calcium. I've handled him once and he actually turns a nice green when he is on my hand and then goes dark with dark spots in the cage. as you can see, he is my avatar. I've read soooo much about different insects and greens to feed Jacksons, seems crickets are the staple. My only experience with lizards is with my Crested Gecko, totally different, as we all know.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.


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Shutting lights off at night is good. The hottest spot in tge cage shouldnt be ovet 85 and it should only be one top corner of the cage.
Real plants in pots will be your best friend as well as his! It helps with humidity and holds water much better tham fake. Pothos plants are found everywhere cheap and extremly hard to kill! just make sure u wash the leaves and repot in organic soil.
Mist mist mist. At least 3 times a day for 2-4 minutes. Jacksons like it humid and moist. Just allow it to dry inbeetween and at night to avoid mildew/mold and respritory infections.
Wat are u supplementing with.

Andike i said. Get that crazy attatchment thing into your post then submit the post and ur pic will show up.


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I keep trying the pic thing and it won't do it. I am using the calcium no other supplements because I have read not to, and then read only use them once in a while. What do you suggest?
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