Keeping hoppers alive?!?


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Hi everyone,

The one problem i've come up against whilst having my chameleon is caring for its food!! I'm still trying to get to grips with it but struggling!! explain..i feed my chameleon hoppers (baby locusts-not mice as some of you refer to them as hoopers :) ) i buy about 3 boxes once a week because they're hard to get in my lcoal area. I then transfer a daily allowance into a cricket keeper and give them lettuce, potatoe, carrots and apples. The problem i'm finsing is if they're in there for longer than 2 days they tend to die...but the ones remaining in the plastic tubs i get them in...are still alive :confused::confused:

So anyone know what i'm doing wrong...and why they're going suicidal on me??

Thanks :D

Grashoppers needs hot and dry environment, with possibly lots of light, and some greens to survive and grow. 90 F is about ok for them, you can easily provide it with a spotlamp. Oh and put some egg crate to climb on. They like to climb as high and as close to the heat source as close they can. They also need some ventillation, but as far as I saw the cricket keeper is ok. :) I hope it helps.
They don't do well in higher humidity. All the gutload food you are supplying is quite moist - just feed them enough for them to eat rather than leaving food in all the time.
try providing alfalfa grass
they will tear it up

I personally dont like cricket keepers and
would use a rubbermaid bin with a screened top
and screened hole in the bottom for ventilation

use twigs and branches for climbing area

keep them well lighted and warm too
whats alfalfa grass?

Ye i think that's where i might be going wrong- i do tend to put too much lettuce etc in their tank.

Thanks guys for the help, hope i'll keep them alive longer now :)
Humidity definately kills locusts quickly... I used to use cricket keepers with no heat, and had the same problem.

I have now positioned the cricket keeper on a shoe box overhanging my UV starters so they get free warmth from them, plus I top them up with a desklamp on for 4-5 hours in the evening, and humidity has dropped from 60% to 30%ish and they will now last a good 3-4 weeks (at least - they are normally all gobbled up by then)
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