Karma gave me 23 eggs today.


My Ambilobe girl laid 23 eggs for me today. She seems to be doing good this evening. Any suggestions on slowing her down? This is her second clutch since I got her I don't want to burn her out laying all the time.


Here is what I use for an egg laying bin. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with playsand and Jungle growth soil. Built a wooden frame around the top of the bucket, and then attach a piece of plywood with a hole cut out in the top to form a bottom for the screen cage to sit on top of it. This gives me a pretty large area of dirt on the floor of the cage for her to pick her spot. I just make sure there is a couple branches going to the dirt so she can get in and out. Figured I'd share the idea because it works pretty well.



not worried about the size of the clutch so much but more the frequency. This is her second clutch in 2 months. She ate this morning and seems to be doing fine so I'll try cutting back on her food some.
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