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I've had my chameleon for a week so far. I did all of the research and set my cage up. The first day I my chameleon he ate like 6 crickets. I fed it to him in a cup. I guess i was trying to train him to eat from it. The was the last time he would eat from the cup.
I know chameleons like variety so I went and bought silkworms. Again he ate some, but didn't tough it again. The thing is I live in Hawaii and we are not allowed to ship live insects without a permit because of our ecosystem or something like that. The only things I can get are things like silkworms, crickets, and mealworms. I did not feed mealworms. (i will try to stay away from them). I guess I might have to go hunting from some insects myself.
So today I tried to place crickets on the screen cage by my chameleon and he ate 7. I made sure to dust them too. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to post my story. I know it won't help much people, but it might give them hope.

here is a video!
Cute video! It took me half the video to spot the chameleon!

You can use mealworms on occasion. Think of them as a treat.
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