just wanted to share my first luna moth...

this may sound stupid,but is the moth like a pet? its very pretty,looks quite large

interesting that your user name is moon and luna means moon and that is how the luna moth got its name;)

If they lived longer they would become my pets. They are large, but not the largest. This female only had about a 4" w/s (wingspan) but the male 5.2". The cecropia is the largest (I have some pics of them elsewhere on that webshots site) with a w/s which can exceed 6", my largest was 6.25".

As adult moths they do not feed, thus live 5-10 days. It is all about reproduction! I have been breeding several species native to the northeast for 8 years. It's a wonderful endeavor, but the caterpillars take a lot of work and feed for up to 3 months (most about 2months). I'll be updating that site throughout the season if you want to check back. I also have pics of my, now passed, veiled chameleon named Luna. When I first got her she would go directly to the top of her cage and walk around upside down in a circle like a moth as soon as I put her lights out! lol! and with her lovely all green color at that age Luna was a perfect fit:)
Amazing pics. I've always wanted to see one in real life. Most people think that butterflies are the "pretty" ones until i show them pics of guys like these. Some moths put all butterflies to shame imo. :D
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