Just took these pics - **Oorana Mena Inside**

It's been a while since we posted some pics. We've added several new breeders to our projects of almost every locale in the last year. Here are a couple Oorana Mena breeders that I caught showing off earlier today.

Thanks Brian A. for calling us out on this on FaceBook. Hopefully, we'll have time to get more pics online.


Check out these eyes!


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sweet lookin falys,glad to see more falys, i had contacted you awhile bk about falys and was told sign up for your updates so i did and havent really seen any i ended up gettin a choice male with wylde and slash lines from drew, kinda strange hadta get one imported from canada to get the bloodlines i wanted. look forward to seein what ya have comin...

Texas Panther Man

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Yes those are awesome falys. I would also like to add some Wylde or Slash blood to my bloodlines im working with. Glad to see some updates. Thanks
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