Just some pictures of my Veiled :)


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I'm also wondering, can anybody tell if my veiled is a male or female from the casque? There are very small bumps on the back of his/her back feet, but i am not exactly sure yet. He/She also, is 6-7 months old


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Casque is not reliable way to sex young veileds, try to get a close pic of those bumps?
Sounds like male. :)
i am not 100% sure they are spurs though. they MIGHT be just his/her foot smushing like a human's limb would, forming something that looks similar to a spur:rolleyes:
What you think are not spurs are probably spurs because you're probably thinking they are large raptor claws (like I did). They are just little bumps so if you see a little bump on the back of a hind foot, its a male.
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