just set up my new cage for my first cham

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this cage and whole set up is from screameleons they have been great to me and the haba mister is working great so far:D tell me what you think and what i can improve.;)


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It looks very nice. Some live plants would help to keep the humidity up. Good luck with your first cham!:)
I got my dwarf umbrella plant at Lows for 12 dollars two weeks ago. Should try there or Homedepo

- Don't forget to wash them really well and to change the soil to an organic potting soil. You can also get large rocks to put ontop of dirt. Keeps the chameleon away from it if they like to climb low on the branches.
Also keeps the feeders from getting the dirt on them as well.

Good luck!
I would put some type of potted plant to take up some of the emptiness in the bottom of the cage. Also, do yourself a favor and get a digital thermometer that measures temp and humidity!
thanks for the lows idea ill try there,

and i have one its just hard to see in the pick the kit came with cage, branches leaves, lights, electric temp, humidifier, rep cal with and without d3, humidifier.

whats the best place to get best humidity reading?
i'd put in a little piece of grapevine and a little bio vine to tie to it and to the sticks cause sometimes my little monsters like to kick it on the grapevine instead of the plastic plants. looks awesome though!!!
be prepared for the habba mister to quit working around 6 months or so, they dont last that long so just be prepared to upgrade Mist king ideal
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