just set up my cage


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i just set up my cage for my veiled its 30 by 30 by 50 inches. i have 2 ficus that are 47 inches tall and a large pothos at the botom that fills it in. i made a divider so its 30 by 30 by 20 for when he is a baby. also i made the misting system from basking wonders it works great. for the lighting i got a 5.0 repti gloo and 2 basking spots 1 hidden by the ficus and 1 sort of in the open. the temps are around 80 for the ambient and 90 for the basking sites the humidity is around 65 when the sprinkler is off. i used a round plastic dish that is ment to be put under a hot water tank under the enclosher to catch the water any suggjestions to my enclosher are appreciated.
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