just making sure she is ok. she keeps her mouth a little open sometimes


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Hi. I just got my new veiled Chameleon and now she is just getting cumfy in her new home. but some times she keeps her mouth a little open. i have a temperature sensor with a probe that is near where she sits at. i feed her crickets and lettuce... it may be nothing but i just want to ask someone who knows more about it than i do... thanks for looking Luke
What are the basking temps.? It can be that she is too hot... You'd think that if it was too hot for them they would just move but since they are still babies it takes a little while for them to learn. My little guy did the same thing when I first got him a month ago, I dropped the temps and he stopped gaping. :)

Edit: Also, if you drop the temps and still notice her gaping, it can be something else like a respiratory infection. I don't have a Veild so don't know what the ideal temps would be for a baby but i'm sure if you search around you can find it. ;)

the temp is around 80 to 89 degrese ill try moving her stick down a little bit and see if that helps.. thanks guys
Again, i'm not sure at what temps baby Veilds should be kept at but try 80 being the max temp. 89 I think is too hot...
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