Just got big bonus.


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I am trying to decide what to get. I think I will be getting another cham or 2 but havent decided what to get. I think I am going to get a Nosy Be from ed and liddy. I am still seeing if there is better chams or equal for cheaper.
Hi chamfreak

Nosy's are a great locale to keep i have a large male called harry,was wondering if you have ever seen a maroansetra panther/or a soabana panther.I have a soabana panther and they are amazing, just food for thought before getting a nosy
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The Kammers have a great attitude. I would love to be able to buy one of their chameleons but I live in England so it's out of the question. I once sent an E-mail to them and they replyed quickly. I found them to be lovely people. You are lucky you have a chance to buy one of their quality chameleons, just remember the saying "you get what you pay for"! :D
neil nosy be said:
Hi chamfreak

Nosy's are a great locale to keep i have a large male called harry,was wondering if you have ever seen a maroansetra (mafanas) or soabana panther.I have a soabana panther and they are amazing, just food for thought before getting a nosy
No I havent... Do you have any pics? Where might I be able to see a few? Do you know someone that breeds them?

And you are right, you get what you pay for. I was looking and I think there fisher cham is amazing. Well I am gonna find out in about 1-2 days. I wil keep you all posted.
I was just talking to ED and Liddy,

I am seeing about, 1 male don juan offspring. 1 male bard x casanovas offspring ( cross ) and 1 male nosy be Thranduil offspring. and last.. 1 male fischers offspring. I think this will be nice! They look very nice. Also cool way to spend 1,000.00
Whatever you buy with your bonus I look forward to seeing the photos! By the way, I think Casanova is one of the most beautiful panther chameleons I have ever seen. I used to have his photo up as my wallpaper on this laptop all the time but now use one of my own photos.

FYI, Maroantsetra is not the same locale as Nosy Mitsio/Mafana/Soabana. The latter is an island morph from off the West-Northwest coast. The former is a mainland locale from the East coast. They are interesting animals, I was lucky enough to see Vince's (Screameleons') today and they are intriguing animals.

Sorry for mistake

Thanks for pointing this out i just took a look at my thread (above) and your right the way i put it it seems there same locale's.I am aware there seperate locale's/ morphs and the thread has been corrected ,sorry if ive confused anyone
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Congrats on the bonus!! :D

Good luck on choosing a morph. Seeing pictures of the parents can help in making the decision. Those CB Fischer's from kammerflage look very nice.
Chris welcome, I read alotta the articles you edit and enjoy them. Glad to see you stopped by. I look forward to reading more articles and seeing you here.

Thanks all for info but, I keep changing my mind. I think I found private breeder that will sell me a baby panther for about 100 plus 40 shipping. I saw the sire and pic of babies, they look fabulous, I am also gonna get fischers too. I am exited and will keep you all posted.
good luck whatever you decide on

hi chamfreak

Good luck whatever locale you decide to get( decisions decisions) have you kept fischers chams before as i dont know anything about them are they difficult to keep?
I wanted to thank Neil Nosy Be for giving a link to the Dutch site. It was wonderful to read my language, sitting her in the USA. Fond memories.

Also, ChamFreak, what do you want to do with the panthers that you buy. Are you planning to breed, or just to have? I might have a beautiful panther, male, that is red, gold and neon green. He is about 9 months old, and not interested in any of my females. He is an Ambanja. I would probably sell him for real cheap, as I actuall acquired him for someone else, and now they are not contacting me to pick him up. I really do not have the space for him.
Do you have any pics? And how cheap is cheap? I am having trouble with my babies now and takin em to vet. I am baffled why these horrible things are happining to me. I have check my setups and levels a 100 times yet still continue to have issues. Iam considering waiting until I am positive that my chams are ok. I am dealing with a random cough on one and other is brown with mouth open with him crawling my setup atleast 4-5 hours daily. I cant figure out why he would do this. BTW, sorry its not in health part. But temps and humid levels are perfect. 79 degrees and 45% humid levels. Iam curoius to see maybe my AC might be affecting this. The cough my female had was bad... Like 10 coughs then she stopped. I tried researching it but no luck. Any ideas?
respiratory diseases(sorry brad but need to answer here)

Hi chamfreak


But sounds to me that MAYBE chams has some kind of respiratory issues



Shallow or rapid breathing (mouth open)





Cold temps & humidity high ( i know you stated temps & humidity ok )

Stress in any form (this is the main issue with respiratory diseases)

weakening brought about by heavy endoparasitic burden


No drafts

Deparasitize your cham

Correct temps & humidity levels

Feed correct diet (not saying you dont)


Raise basking temps ( NOT entire cage)

Antibiotic treatment by vet (may give aminoglycoside drugs,must be given by injection anterior to mid- body, cham MUST be well hydrated) some respond to this some dont, sorry about this but its the way it goes

Hope this helps and please let us know how you get on
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A trip to the vet is a good idea. Neil covered most of the causes and symptoms of URI, but I wanted to add one symptom I have seen often. A continuous cycle of puffing out the throat and swallowing is a common symptom of URI. You will sometimes see this build up into a convulsion/cough/pop.

You have flapneck chameleons? Are they CB?

and other is brown with mouth open with him crawling my setup at least 4-5 hours daily.
Do you see saliva strings or bubbles on this one, or any other URI symptoms? The coughing in the first one of course sounds like URI. I am not sure about the second cham. Is its mouth open while not basking?
:D Yeah, I would take her to the vey asap. She sounds just like my female vield when she was sick and I had to put her on subcu. injections 2 times a day as well as an oral antibiotic. I wouldn't wait anylonger to take her to the vet, these thing almost never just go away on there own.
:) just returned from herp vet. The cham that was coughing had fluid in her lungs and the vet said it wasnt alot and if there was she got it all out. She doesnt cough now or seem to be upset.

The brown guy that was pace'n around setup had problems adjusting to captivity. These are W/C senegals and he mentioned some chams take a while adjusting to captivity. He said that putting more vines and variety of foods will take his attention off escaping. He aslo mentioned that, when he had his mouth open did he just drink water, I said YES! He said that if the water temps are to cold they warm up by doing this so they heat there bodies back up to temp. He only did this after drinking water and while hes basking. My brother is a herp vet and suggested me to buddy he went to school with and it was pleasent experiance. Cheap too. I paid 55.00 for both chams to be treated. He also tested for parasites and dewormed them saying alotta senegals arent parasite free from the wild. I am sure he was pretty smart and the female is moving and not coughing. The male still paces him self but once he realizes that hes not going anywhere he stopped. He also suggested upgrading to wire screen cages instead of reptitariams. He says the black plastic mesh sometimes confuses cham.
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