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Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon -male Ambilobe, about 3 months.
* Handling - 10 minutes a day in the sun at least
* Feeding - feeding crickets, i offer as many as he will eat in 10 minutes twice a day. he wont eat worms.
* Supplements - repcal calcium with d3 2 times a month and herptivite 2 times a month and calcuim without d3 6 days a week
* Watering - i have a dripper dripping most of the day, and hand mist 3-4 times a day for about a 3 minutes each. i see him drink alot
* Fecal Description - its brown with white urate.
* History - i bought him from lll reptile

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - 3x2x2 screen
* Lighting - exo terra repti glo 5.0 linear and a 75 watt basking bulb.
* Temperature - temp is constantly 72-75 and 80-85 basking temp. use a digital thermometer at basking spot, and thermo/hygro combo.
* Humidity - between 65-70, jumps to about 68 after misting. use a digital thermo/hygro combo.
* Plants -ficus with fake vines and benda branches.
* Placement - it is in my bedroom right next to the closet. no air vents or anything, low traffic. top of cage is about 5.5-6 feet from floor.
* Location - im in southern california.

He only eats 3-5 crickets a day and i have to help him :/ im moving him to a 30"x2'x12' cage on thursday. I hope he will start eating more and without my help. though he seems pretty plump. and hes not dehydrated. and he basks outside in the sun all the time:/


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I personally don't think you need any D3 dusting if you are getting him outside that much.
The sun plus his lights should be enough.
If you are gutloading well with some fruits like orange, strawberry, and blueberrys, then you can dust with the vitamins only once per month.

Also, what size crickets are you using? He should be on 4 week olds, not big six week olds...could be why he is eating so little.



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I was thinking the same thing about the crickets. What size are feeding. Should be using like 1/4 inch crickets.


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I gutload with oranges, bananas, romaine lettuce, butternut squash, yams, apples,etc.
The crickets range from the biggest of half an inch down. The crickets that are too big I just feed to my turtles.
Also, I don't know if hes even looking for crickets. He sleeps in his normal spot and when i leave for school he either stays in his favorite spot or basks and when I come home he is in the same spot? :/


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Cut the bananas and romaine lettuce. Use other lettuces and greens like collards, kale, endive, mustard greens, dandelion greens, escarole, turnip greens, etc.

Maybe he needs a fecal? He may actually be moving around and you just dont know it. My younger gal sits in her basking spot in the morning and when I get home, but if I check in on her during the weekends she is usually somewhere else.

what kind of worms have you tried? and have you tried house/blue bottle flies?


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well I guess I can't say he won't eat worms. Ive only tried baby mealworms. I Have tried houseflies fruitflies, moths and spiders but he wont eat those either. I only slice smidgeons of gut load at a time until the crickets eat them all up. I use collard greens, kale,mustard greens, and dandelion leaves. right now im using a mixture of celery, apple, potato, squash, and orange. I think I may have a problem with crickets getting out:/


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As long as he is pooping I would not worry too much. Make double sure your temps are good.


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Hey dude, are you the same guy that was arguing with that other guy on the chat room a couple of nights ago?


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He likes mealworms. Is it better for him to not eat crickets and only mealworms or just eat nothing. sometimes he just wont take crickets. but then hell jump for mealworms. Are horn worms too big? i bought wax worms and they are too big. Im gonna try silkies too. he still eats 3 either meal worms or crickets on average. I have been researching local vets I want to get him a check in or fecal or something. he is barely eating.....ill try fruitflies again too.
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