Just as expected

today is exactly 30 days since Kiwi mated, i came home for lunch and seen 1-2 test digs in her laying bin. shes getting more and more restless and active, so lets hope she has a successfull lay within the next few days! :D:)
How do you get them to be so in tune to what you want? They get togeter & mate, lay on schedule. Do you know the number of eggs or when the eggs will hatch??? We are starting to wonder about you.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Lol Laurie! Is that a good thing or a bad thing that some of you wonder about me? Lol. I will say she will lay between 45-50 eggs. My exact guess is 43 eggs in total, if philstradamus predicts this right, then whqt do I win? :D

ps. When I went home for lunch she was going back and fourth digging a big hole. :D
let's hope she uses this one!

Also, congratd goldi! Best of luck ! Fertile or infertile?
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