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Couldn't help myself and just added a male hypo dunner 50% het the mix. Time to let let one go to make room I guess.

New guy comes from strong bloodlines WDD & Jela's. I will pair him with my rainbow tiger girl down the road.

I need to get better pix of the girl, she really shines when fired up nice mix of yellow/orange ans some slight lavender stripes. She is a massive chow hound 6months and huge in that picture. To give some aspect of her size, i wear xxl gloves and palming a basketball is easy.


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Lovely girl you have there. I do miss my days of having dragons. It is like a puppy to play with. But what you have is not just another dragon or a puppy. That is a beautiful creature.


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Thanks Laurie, "Fluffy" is just like a puppy.

She is very into being out and on my shoulder all the time. Which is np since I have one stack of enclosures beside my desk. So during the day while I am working I try to let them all out and onto the desk to mill about. She will bask a min or two and them scurry over the keyboard up my hand and leap to my chest. She used to try and climb my arm but with just skin there she didnt get the traction she wanted I guess so she just lunges at me now. lol The others they dont mind being picked up and will sit on the chest area until I take them down, but they would rather watch my computer screen or me working.
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