Just an Update on Hermie the Chameleon


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For those that have been a while they saw me through the horror that was my male veiled hermie getting MBD, breaking all four legs in at least one spot, having casts on all four legs, a sling on one, and through sheer determination and will on his part making it through, healing and bouncing back.

Hermie is also known as "Houdinii" because he LOVES and I do mean LOVES to escape from whatever cage he is in (even with "immobilizicng" casts on he managed to climb up the side of an aquarium using a pencil that I had taped to the side of it, to give him something to clutch as he layed on his bed at the bottom --- surely I thought that I chameleon that had the joint before and after each break immobilized would not be able to climb. Not only did he climb but he managed all the way to the top and was sitting on the edge when I found him).

ANYWHO he now lives the life of a vastly normal chameleon in one of the commercial screened enclosures that has a removeable plastic bottom liner. The liner doesn't allow the cage to zip along the bottom but on all three sides. Mr. Herman figured on that if he climbed up the netting, and then backed his way down it he could slide between the two and escape. Usually I'd come home to find him sitting on a lampshade, the cable cord, etc. Well when i got home today I couldn't believe my eyes. He managed to get some of his leafage loose in his cage, had it down on the bottom and hanging out the "opening" like a little escape rope to use. I guess he decided to make his life easier. It was a piece of his artificial leafage and I have NO idea how he managed to get it loose.

One time he even managed to slide the zipper up on one side (but pushing on it) to make an opening that way.

Even when I use clips to keep the liner and the screening together within two days he's managed to figure out a way to dislodge them.

Ah well, I guess a chameleon who has been through THAT much in life deserves his antics ... to some degree.

But hermie the chameleon is still going strong, and certainly seems quite motile. :)
Good to hear that Hermie is doing so well!

His antics are interesting too! I have had quite a few "escape artists" in the years that I've kept chameleons too!
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