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I took Moe out of his enclosure this morning to get a good look at him. I normally hold him for five to ten minutes each day and take a good look at him to make sure I don't see anything wrong that I couldn't see by just looking into his enclosure. He normally goes nicely on my hand and chills out on my arm or on my hand while he is out. This morning he was in a super rush to get from my hand to my shirt. He missed my shirt and feel off my hand at the same time (falling about two feet). I immediatly picked him up and checked on him. He looks and acts normal but is there anything I should look for? I'm assuming that in the wild chameleons take falls from time to time but being only about 4 inches long (excluding tail) makes me afraid that he is so frail that he can't take much abuse. I'll be watching his movements and his eating/drinking to make sure that doesn't change but is there anything else? Any advice is appreciated. He is currently basking on a vine in his enclosure which is normal behavior, and seems alert. Thanks.
Young chameleons are like rubber and just bounce when they fall. My ambilobe is a jumper and does this all the time when he is trying to run away from me. Handling everyday might stress him out more then the fall, but if he chooses to come on to your hand, then maybe not.
Chams will puff up to break their fall and usually it does no damage. I would not worry too much unless you see something apparent. I have had babies do the dead drop on me when they get frightened (instinctual response to danger), some from 3-4 feet to the floor and they were fine. Hope all is well.
Thanks for the replies and reassurance. He is normally very calm and will just sit on my hand or my arm and hang out. I think he has been a little stressed the last two days due to company being over and a child's birthday party. I didn't bother him while everybody was here but wanted to check him over today. This was the first time that he seemed frantic to get on my shirt so he could climb up it. Anyway, thanks again for everything.
reptoman is right. in defense as like a "no-other-alternative" the kind of puff out like a balloon and drop. many of you have seen that "Falling Jacksons" video on youtube?

though i have nothing to really add, it is just important to always be on top of gutloading and proper calcium both plain and d3 supplementing, to avoid major bone damage or fractures if that ever happened
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