Jimbo @ 3. months (Uber Pic Heavy)


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He is really becoming an eyegazim :D id say his around 3something months now.

Reptibreeze 75w SunGlo Halogen neodymium. 14w 5.0 Repto glo. Live Schefflera actinophylla, and some hung small vine. Lots of natural rays
More pix follow..

My Gallery https://www.chameleonforums.com/album.php?albumid=1018


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I have a few more pic'a I will upload it tomorrow.

I have him in Zoo med Repti Cal without d3 and dusting small crix.

He get Natural Sun everyday.

Tyron what do we do in winter for my Veiled and Panther. I am dreading winter :/ :-(
Some More photos.... :)


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ah I meant 6 months not 3 lol...
Nice pics, dont fear the winter lol, just keep them indoors and take them out when the temps are suitable.
Otherwise just keep their required basking and ambient temps at what they are supposed to be.
Had three ants on Jim this morning. Took him out of his cage and blew them off.

Little Shitz!!! :mad:
He has some quite unique patterns. Keep us updated on how he turns out. He is already on his way to being an impressive specimen. Some different lines out there in SA clearly. Beautiful animal.
Dr Ren (Vet)
Thank you kind Sir. He and I appreciate that nice comment.

I will keep you guys updated as much as possible.
I wonder if he will turn out like Pauls male...Sage was he the son of the blue and red male or the bluish green one?

Hows this guy for a "different line" :D

Not the best pic but you can see those red specks...
Yea the Green and Red Daddy pant! Attached

He has had pitch black bars since i got him with Red Blue white

He's setup is prime at the moments i hope, really trying my best to provide.

When is the next show you think i can get a female from another mother :D


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Really is a nice male, is he still alive?
My male (brother of Pauls male) is turning out pretty much identical to the one in the picture hes losing all his green in his body and getting a lot more red all over, must get some updated pics of him. He will end up being the identical lookalike of the male in the picture above, though my males red is bloody looking.

Unfortunetly I doubt you will find any panthers at the expo, maybe one or 2 if you are lucky but they will probably be babies of anything from Paul or people who still had orginaly bought from David Haget so they are initialy still the same.
I can guarantee you that you will not find a unrelated panther baby anywhere anytime soon.

But there MIGHT be a chance where you get an unrelated female...
Yes he is still alive Paul Sold him though.

Jimbo is getting huge. i will get some updated pictures this weekend.
Oh okay, well over these last few weeks my male has turned completely red body blue bar, looks pretty cool.

Also, another female laid a clutch of the new bloodline. Another female to go, fingers crossed. :)
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