Je-uel, a study of light

The layers of light and reflection in their environment captivate me.

No wonder they must look in two directions at once.

Enjoy! I know I did.


Chris Anderson

Dr. House of Chameleons
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Well, I haven't taken any picture updates of my juvie in a while so I just took some of "it" sleeping. This is a series of basically the same photo but in order, its interesting to see how the skin color darkens as a result of the repeated flash (particularly evident in the baring). In the first pic, you can see "it" is showing some faint green bars so I'm still hopeful its a female-I just wish it would make the definitive change already. It isn't showing the different colored eye turrets or the more drab coloration indicative of a male at least so I'm still hopeful.



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Wow those pictures are amazing!!!! The first picture is unbelievable!!!! Great stuff Zerah!!!
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