Jarosek Park Reptiles

WOOOHOOO ryan an lisa welcome new sponsor....do you have T-shirts? i want a T-shirt.
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Thanks everyone!!!!:). It has been a long time coming. This site is by far the best forum I have ever been a member of. I am proud to support Cham forums.

I am still working on getting content on the server. I should be uploading some animals soon. At the very least I plan on some content for people to look at.

As I get the products loaded we plan to have a sale with some really cool deals. I will have a special gift for the first customer , etc.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in something or looking for an animal. I don't list a lot of what I have to offer.
Cool logo and absolutely love the name! I went on your website the other night but I guess it isnt completed yet!!
Cool logo, and super cool seeing you guys moving up in the biz. Nice to see great people doing great work, reach success.:D
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