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I was wondering if it is ok to feed my panther japanese beetles? Does anyone know for a fact if it is ok or not? every year we get an infestation on our trees and plants and I was wondering if I could use this infestation as a feeding source for my cham? Thanks for any input. V
Hello vlee, welcome to the chameleon forums :)

I think the bugs themselves are safe, but be very careful they have not been exposed to any kind of lawn fertilizer, pesticide, or similar product.
what look like?

Just out of interest whats a japanese beetle look like?. I see many different kinds of beetles here in spain but none of my chams seem to want touch them,i find this kinda strange as i whould imagine they come across loads of them in the wild
In Virginia in the summer we get tons of June bugs, they are a brown beetle. i've tought about feeding them to my cham Herbie but never have.

A few nights ago a huge bettle was flying around my window. he was beautiful. he looking like a giant yellow lady bug. I'm sure Herbie would have enjoyed him but I couldn't bring my self to do him in. I kept thinking
" what if his is one of a kind?" Wierd thought.

Anyway happy beetle hunting and Let me know how it turns out!!
Brad said:
Some pictures and info

Thanks brad

They look like the beetles we get here, i must have tried about 4 or 5 different specie but my chams wont touch them WELL STRANGE as they pig on roaches
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