Jackson's won't eat


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Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - 6 month old Jackson's, had him for a few days
* Handling - Once, twice a day
* Feeding - I offer 3-8 crickets, coated with Calicum + D3
* Supplements - Calicum + D3, every feeding because he has not been eating
* Watering - A dripper on leaves, misting 5+ times a day
* Fecal Description - Dark pellets
* History - N/A

Cage Info:

* Cage Type -24x12x26 Screen, no substrate
* Lighting - ExoTerra 5.0 UVB and ZooMed 60 watt heating
* Temperature - 70-80 Degrees F, Don't know about basking
* Humidity - Very low, 0-50%
* Plants - Silk and plastic, plan on buying live
* Placement - In my quiet, low traffic room
* Location - New Jersey

Current Problem - I have had caging problems with my chameleon. I had him in a very improper environment and recently just moved him to a proper one. I have only seen him eat once; when we first got him and put him in the 10 gallon tank I regret living him in for a day or so. He immediately started eating then, but then stopped. Right now, it is about 5-6 days and he has still yet to eat. I have ordered a humidifier and I am waiting for it to come. For now, I'm using a steam kind of humidifier that isn't doing the job. I think the humidity levels or stress may be the issue, but I'm paranoid. He drinks and walks around his screen cage regularly. I am tempted to try to mix bugs in his water and supplements.


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Jacksons are very easily over supplemented. He needs calcium WITHOUT d3 about one a week. Then do it lightly. He needs high humidity, try wrapping his cage with a shower curtain and misting a lot, live plants will also help when you get them. Why do you handle him even once a day, forget twice? He needs time to feel comfortable and he isn't really getting that with you handling him. Mostly I would say try to keep the humidity up, mist his cage often, offer food, made sure he has a night time drop in temperature, and leave him alone. jmo
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