Jackson's sudden blindness......HELP!!


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Okay, so, I have a male wc Jackson's chameleon that I got last November at a reptile show and he has done fine since then, healthy, active, good eater & drinker. All of a sudden, he has been struck blind!! This morning he was roaming around normally, and this afternoon as well. We go to check all the enclosures and he is roaming the floor. After removing him from enclosure and inspecting him, I notice his eyes are both looking down and nowhere else, so I moved my fingers in front of him with no reaction. His right eye will blink, but not move much.....his left eye is just open and does not track or move at all. Husbandry is on track.......any ideas?
ANY advice is welcome!
Now that is something you don't read about every day. I have yet to see true blindness in chameleons and am very interested in your case. Do you have any new powerful UVB bulbs like the mercury vapor ones? I have seen cases where too much UV light from one of those powerful lamps at close range can cause blindness, but in all cases it has been reversible.

Is there a chance your chameleon could have fallen and hit himself hard? Sometimes trauma can cause problems just like a concussion would in people.

Can you elaborate on the part of husbandry is on track? Maybe we can find something if you post a detailed description. Normally a vet visit is always recommended but I am not entirely sure there could be a reliable test to determine blindness in chameleons, let alone the cause. Make sure you offer him water anyway and seeif he drinks when he feels it dripping on his mouth. You will have to force feed him as well.
2 hours after posting this Steggi died. He was having siezures and never regained eyesight. No new bulbs were in use, his bulb was due for replacement in 2 months. He very well may have had a bad fall that caused the trauma, we just aren't sure. I guess I am always surprised when a fall is suggested as they seem so sure of thier footing most times and his enclosure fixings have not been recently changed. Thanks for the interest.
Aww, wow, im really sorry to hear that. I lost my first one, and It really sucks. The one I have now is also sick... They are so odd, one day their great, and the next their not.
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