Jacksons feeding requirements?


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Hello all, I have a male Jacksons, he is approx 3 months old, and I have been feeding him fruitflys and pinhead crickets. I will feed him twice a day, once in the morning (put food in dish b4 the lights come on) and again in the afternoon, but he seems like he is not getting much bigger. He eats very good but I don't know if he is getting enough, is it possible to over feed.

Thank you for any input and if you need ask more questions of me and I will try to answer.

How many insects is he eating in one sitting? Are you gutloading your feeders? At three months old he may be getting a little big for the fruit flies.

What are his temperatures like? Can you post a picture of him and his enclosure?

Sometimes when you look at them everyday, you don't realize that they are indeed growing. I looked at a picture of a new veiled that I have had about a month yesterday and he looked twice the size, but looking at him I never would have guessed it :)
He eats approx. 8-10 2 week pinheads (3/16-1/4") twice a day. I am gut loading with cricket food and greens and veggies. He is too big for the flies but I was just feeding them out.

Temps range from 80-88 degrees during the day and 68-75 at night. Humidity is between 35-60 throughout the day. I am have trouble keeping it around 50. It has gotten better now that I have some live plants with him.

I will attach a couple pics of him.

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