Jacksons Chamleons; Oahu, Waimanalo? Kailua?


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Hi everyone, are there any state parks on Oahu that you can visit and see Jacksons? I was thinking Nuuanu Pali State park? My friend said usually they are romping around near Waimanalo but there aren't any parks near there or Kaneohe.

Does anyone know of any specific spots to check out and take some pictures.

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If you make the drive up tantalus you see plenty of them, everywhere. Waimanalo they are everywhere as well.
is there anywhere else we could find jackson?i herad the pali lookout n somewhere in redhill u can find jackson's.
I ended up finding them on Lanai. Apparently they've been there in the mountains behind Lanai City for upwards of 20 years.
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