Jackson's Chameleon Babies

Discussion in 'Chameleon Breeding' started by nlankas, May 4, 2012.

  1. nlankas

    nlankas New Member

    I'm a DADDY!!!!

    That being said, I don't know anything about raising/keeping baby Jackson's...I really wasn't expecting it. By the looks of it, there are four babies walking around the cage and a few more egg sacks laying around.

    I fortunately have two enclosures set up, so I have the babies in the smaller cage right now.

    Any tips/help?!?

    Thank you :D
  2. Solid Snake

    Solid Snake Avid Member

    Welcome to CF!

    This happens often actually. :p

    I can direct you to jdog1027's video, he had the same thing happen.
    It was smart to remove the babies! Make sure you get them ALL!

    Help them out of the sacs if they dont come out, they may still live.

    Youll need small feeders, fruit flies preferably.

    PREACHAP New Member

    ARE fruit flies ideal for neonates fresh out? are 1/8 th crickets ok or should it be pinheads?
  4. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Pinheads and fruit flies are fine. Especially with smaller babies like jacksons.
  5. nlankas

    nlankas New Member

    Thanks for the advice, the pet store near my house only had the pinhead crickets, but the babies are eating them up :)
  6. JackP308

    JackP308 Established Member

    Congrats , I actually waiting for some baby jacksons any time now. At least I know they are coming though. Good luck. Check out the Chameleons Onlize Ezine just google that and click on Jacksons Chameleon link. You'll get some good overall info on them and raisin babies section id imagine would be in there for you to reference . Enjoy
  7. Miss Lily

    Miss Lily Chameleon Enthusiast

    The key to keeping baby Jacksons alive is to make sure they are well hydrated. Make sure you also gutload the crickets before feeding them off.
  8. JRchameleons

    JRchameleons New Member

    I completely agree. My female gave birth to 12 babies nearly 3 months ago now and so far all 12 are healthy and thriving. :) Hydrate, hydrate, gutload, hydrate!
  9. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    Congrats!! I never start with pinheads and Ive had some species that are really small at birth. Ive always just started with the 1/8 inch. Of course different places have different ideas on what the sizes are.

    One thing they will like is humidity but where a lot of people go wrong, I think, is they have stagnant humidity which can cause multiple problems. You want good airflow with your humidity. I think its best to be on the lower side and mist more often than to have the stagnant humidity.

    Hope they do well for you!!
  10. ChamBust

    ChamBust New Member

    congrats! i might be having jackson babies soon...i'd be stoked but nervous at the same time. they'd be so much fun, i think, as long as there weren't too many of them.
  11. skittles1234

    skittles1234 New Member

    in that vid the guy has a light fixture very simalar to the one i just bought from walmart for like $7 or 8. is that safe to use for the top of the cage like he has it with the correct uvb light in it? its a lights of america 18inch fluorescent under cabinet light fixture???? :confused:
  12. JRchameleons

    JRchameleons New Member

    Yep. The fixture itself doesn't matter as long as it works. Just make sure you have the right 5.0 UVB bulb. Just don't put the clear plastic part back over the bulb when you change it, since glass and plastic filter out UVB rays.

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