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Hi, I was at the pet store today and got to see, and hold a female Jackon for the first time! It had to be the best moment of my life (exageration). She was so awesome how she crawled up my arm, and was really docile. it was probably 5" maybe? But I was talking to the girl that works there, and she said that she keeps here Jacksons in a bird cage, and feeds it in a bowl or by hand (mealworms). She said that was you can see it better. I thought it was a good idea. So I am wondering if I could do that? And if I bought a normal screen cage, how well can you see through it with the larger mesh from cages.net?

Well if she cant escape I guess its ok but what about feeders? Do you really want crickets running around your house? What about a wild insect? How do you know what she is eating or happens to get in there wont harm her?
Thats a good point. i am just going to get a cage from cages.net. I am wondering if I will need the bigger mesh or not? I heard the small mesh rips their claws out.
I think like Zinc99 said if it will contain the animal in a safe manner then it is not necessarily a bad option. With a Jackson high humidity is a must. I think in a bird cage this would be harder to accomplish then say the ones you where referring to. I would think even a reptarium which is constantly complained on as being to dark would have better visibility of the whole cage then something with bars.
True, so true. I will just get a cahe from cage.net. Now, what size mesh is good. The small (like a window screen) or the big, like 1/4" squares I think it is.
I would think it would not have to be to big. Jacksons are medium size chameleons. You can e-mail them. I think they could steer you in the right direction on specific sizings of the screens for a Jackson. I am sure they have had these questions before. Probably have a recommendation on hand. Any complaints that they have recieved will give them better statistic then me just stating a guess. I have had a Jackson but he was in a reptarium. Did not get a choice on sizing there.
A larger mesh cage is fine but they need more than mealworms. You can use a large deli cup to cup feed and crickets cant jump out of it.

The www.cages.net optional screen is 1/8"x1/8". I use it with my panther who tends to want to do a "tour" of his enclosure once a day. My adult veileds have had nail damage when they were kept in reptariums before I adopted them last year. They are in the same size as my 2x2x4 cages.net enclosure except that they are in a pair of enclosures that are made with the std. 1/16"x1/16" screen as sold by LLL Reptile and many other. I really like the 1/8" cages.net screen. The only issue for me is that typical adult feeder blue bottle flies can get out. Small crickets can get out too. I have no problem with silkworms, superworms, medium crickets, medium roaches, wax worms etc.

I find the visibility to be acceptable - better than the 1/16" screen. The wire diameter appears to measure a slightly larger in diameter. I attribute this difference to what looks to be a nice coating of some sort - maybe epoxy paint - durable material. I measured the 1/16" wire to be 0.010" and the 1/8" wire to be 0.012". Remember that these are two different mfgrs too.

Bottom line, cages.net is the only place that you can get a screen enclosure made out of that 1/8" material. Everbody else sells the 1/16" so you can easily get one if you ever want one of those - cheaper $$$ too.

Panther foot on 1/8" screen; zoomed in:

1/8" screen:

1/16" screen:
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