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ok well i have made some free space at my house and ive set up another cage in my place, ive been looking into a Jacksonii Jacksonii, from what ive been reading about them they dont seem to be any harder then the flapnecks or panthers and veileds that ive worked with. but jacksons are a cham that ive fallen in love with by the pictures and i was wondering what u Jackson owners have to say about them that caresheets and books dont tell u! im looking for some FIRST hand experence help! like ur caging, humidity levels, feeding,basking temps!

thanks for anyhelp!
aloha fabos!

im gonna try to give you any info i can that may or may not help. I am a first time cham owner, and in hawaii all we are allowed to have are jacksons. Weather or not i am doing the right thing with my cham i guess is to be determined, but she looks really healthy and i havent had any problems since i got her at the petstore. Im sure you allready know that they live birth and do not lay eggs, so that aspect is really not a concern as far as females go..i guess females are a bit more of a challenge to take care of however.

Id say for caging just stick with what you know, i dont see any reason to change it at all, just your standard vertical oriented cage with pelenty of foliage. (avoid glass obviously).

I keep my humidity between 45-55%- quite easily. This may be overboard, but i figure since they are thriving in the wild here on oahu, that is probably a good % to keep around. I think you could proably get away with less, as i believe they are mountainous (sp?) creatures.

For feeding, i stick to your standard run of the mill crickets, and treat her to 2-3 silkworms every other week or so. I was informed that jacksons do no need as much dusting as others, that it is easy to overdue it. I only dust calcium w/ vitD3 twice a week, and multivitamins 2-3 times a month.

My cham has a 150w UVB for about 10 hrs a day, but she only sits in her basking branch for about 2-3 of those id say. Her spot ranges from about 88-95, with an ambient room temp of about 77. At night the light goes off, and she is down to about 65-70.

For watering, before i leave to work she gets a good 10 min misting, and then a full Big Dripper when i leave, and its about empty when i return 6 hrs later. In the afternoons i spray with lukewarm water for a good 30 mins and she loves it. Runs right over to where i am misting and sticks her head out into it

These husbandaries seem to be working great for me, no excessive mouth gaping, poop remains consistant, and she has great colors for a jackson.

As far as breeding goes, its not the typical "present male to female.. she if she likes it, etc" its more of well.... for lack of better words, forced? Males charge females and latch onto them before they can get away. I dont want to use the R word.. but thats basically what it is.

I hope someone with more knowledge chimes in below me, but this is what is working for me!!
Well its easier to keep jacksons in hawaii since they live in the wild there. They seem to do well in that climate. They also do well in certain parts of cali. Everywhere else they are a challenge. They typically need higher humidity but lower temps than panthers and they arent hardy.
i would agree with the humidity needing to be a little higher and i don't feel they are real hardy. right now i have 7 jackson's 3 males/4 females. i would agree they don't need as much dusting but will develop MBD without any major signs and then it is too late. i have a new dust schedule which is calcuim w/D3 once a week (alternating between RepCal and Minerall)
calcuim w/o D3 2x a week (RepCal)
Herpivite once a week (RepCal)
i love my jacksons' they each have such a personality just like us. They tend to have good apetites as long as you alternate their foods. i probably overdue that providing at least 8 alternating feeders.
i find they like temps a little lower daytime ambeint 73+degrees with basking@85+degrees for 12 hours a day, night it drops from 68-62 degrees, in the summer i get them out as much as possible.
3 years now and i still consider myself to be learning and adjusting anything as needed. don't be fooled by normal eating habits, they don't show sign of sickness, it all must be preventative and if you think there might be something wrong don't even think about it.
if there is anything i can help with ask or email me or pm.
As far as the mating? i find any male will charge and mount a female, that is why we need to watch and make sure she is receptive, if not the male should be removed!!! mating should not be forced, when a female is ready you will know!! it could be a day difference from when she wasn't ready, i have not figured how or what makes them ready but it is apparent when they are.
well thanks everyone for ur input ... that info was alot different from what websites told me to do, i actually just got my little guy a few hours ago and he is just awesome. he is a wild little guy jsut exploring his new home and already ate and drank, and left a nice gift for me on the cage floor!!! ill post some pics in a little while!
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