Jacksonii Jacksonii Babies!!!


Jewel finally gave birth to her little ones, Thursday morning! 15 or 16 of them! (I lost count in the transfer out of mom’s enclosure) I found one glued to a branch by its face, almost dead because the sac had dried over its entire head. I wet it with a qtip and got it off and it pulled some from it mouth and down it throat. Ugh! Put him in with the others (in mom’s old set up, but tighter packed w all live plants) and just hoped for the best. I can’t get a solid count but I haven’t found any dead ones yet, I search the enclosure once or twice a day. Hand misting 3-4 times a day. 18” reptisun 5.0, 40watt nano heat light sideways for basking area up to 78-82 depending on exact spot (they seem to collect there, about half of them at a time. Ambient 68-74 Dusting FFF w calcium w/o d3… working on finding pinheads/other variety small enough. Right now they are all in a 12”x18x20high. And it seems like a jungle to them, they are so tiny! If anyone has helpful advice… how many should stay in that size space together between now and 4months old? Any idea at what age they piss each other off lol? They seem to be completely unbothered by each other right now. And has anyone tried butterfly set ups for babies? I have screen I could replace the top section with for lighting heat purposes. Looking for cost effective housing. Also as far as night temp humidity I’m in central west coast fl and they came just in time for our night temp drops! So happy about that. I’ve set them up right by the sliding door to my N/NE facing screened porch, on a tv table light weight type of stand so I can easily move them to either just inside or outside the door. Putting them outside each night. Humidity is 60 or so during the day and up to 100 at night. How cold is too cold?? On those nights I’ll keep them in but could crack the door to give them a cool night. They are inside if it’s getting warm during the day. If no advice just enjoy the cute pics 😀


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Ok! Thankyou! My apartment is 73-74 during the day. What temp do you think is safe to put them outside at night? I appreciate the advice :)
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