Jacksonii in leap habitas!


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Now I will admit this is a bit small for what I’d recommended but it seems to do fine for my Jackson’s it is 36 tall by 22 wide by 18 deep I see a lot of people keep xanth on in 18 18 36 and my t.j.j is smaller than a male xanth and doesn’t seem to have an issue with this I moved him from a 2x2x4 screen because of well humidity even with heat shrink film it just doesn’t look great and tamura design enclosures are expensive and I also enjoy making bioactive enclosures and building natural looking terrariums and I think it looks very nice I’ve even seen behaviors I’ve never seen in him before I free range feed him now and he goes crazy for crickets he is up and down his cage on feeding time hunting crickets in the bottom branches and even see him wait for isopods to come out of hiding in the leaf litter I’ve even had soldier flies emerge from their pupae and he will wait to catch them before they fly doesn’t seem to exhibit any stress in a smaller space and has far more humidity so I must for only a few seconds per session the solid sided also help him feel secure this is probably the smallest I’d go tho for a Jackson’s he even displays more color now and seems to be calmer on his branches the other benifit is no heat lamp the Uvb and plant bulbs provide appropriate basking temps in a hybrid enclosure too! He’s been in here for a few weeks now and is doing great


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