Jackson tongue problems!


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I was feeding this morning and the first cricket he ate he slapped right at it, then the second his tongue would not go more than a couple centimeters so he tried again and the same thing happend, any one have this happen before?
In my experience, this seems to be a recurring problem with Jacksons. I've had tongue issues with other species, but they were mostly attributed to another factor such as injury or exremely old age. I have a litter of 4 month old Jacksons right now, and the only female of the group has always had the same tongue problems you just described. I've read before that it can be a sign of low calcium. However in my case, all of this litter recieve the same supplement schedule. I've had 2 other Jacksons in the past that lost tongue function. I had to more or less train them to feed from my hand which isn't that easy with Jacksons- very picky and shy.
Sorry to read about the tongue problems. *knock on wood* i have not had a tongue problem occur with mine yet, but I do have a lil guy that after he ate a large cricket (the insects sometimes fight back and bite), he stopped eating and then developed an abscess....Jdog is right, try to still feed him yourself (grab a cricket with twezzers and get him to open his mouth and put the cricket in there...it'll it at least assure you that he wont become malnutrition)
and i dont know others experiences with this but reptaid is amazing! i highly recommend it
Tongue issues can be the result of an injury, infection, dehydration, or a nutrient imbalance. When you look at calcium balance, you need to look at the D3, phos., calcium and prEformed vitamin A that is in the supplements you are using as well as in what you are feeding the insects.
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