Jackson chameleon not eating

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Thisweekstrend, Sep 4, 2012.

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    my Jackson is not eating but he does drink. I'm thinking it the UVB bulb I have but am not sure. During the day when the light is on he turns dark colors and will shut his eyes during the day. When I take him outside or turn the UVB light off he brightens up pretty fast and is alot more active. I have stopped using the light and am going to buy a reptisun 5.0 tube and a larger cage this weekend. When I get off work tonight I'm going to give him a soak and see if that helps. I have my female in the same setup and she is doing fine It's kinda weird

    Chameleon Info:

    [*]Your Chameleon - Jackson chameleon, male, not sure on age. I've had him around three weeks
    [*]Handling - First two weeks never but I've started force feeding him every couple of days
    [*]Feeding - If tried letting crickets free roam and offering him wax worms
    [*]Supplements - Rep-cal without d3
    [*]Watering - I hand mist the cage 2 to 3 times a day and he always drinks like a champ
    [*]Fecal Description - Slighty runny with an orange color
    [*]History - I got him three weeks ago at local expo

    Cage Info:

    [*]Cage Type - Screen cage 16x16x20 temporary cage will be upgrading to bigger cage this weekend
    [*]Lighting - A 60 watt for his basking and reptiglow 5.0 coil for UVB lights are on from 8 to 8
    [*]Temperature - Basking spot is 82 to 85 and cool side is around 75 temp drops to right around 70 at night
    [*]Humidity - stays around 77%
    [*]Plants - no live plants in his cage yet will be adding this weekend
    [*]Placement - Cage is in the basement
    [*]Location - southeast Ohio
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    Fecal description does not sound great. Poop should be solid and urate should be white. On occasion there can be a runny poop due to the diet but if it is consistantly runny then that would be a problem. That could be an indication of parasites. If the female is in the same set up, then it could be safe to say it is not causing the problem, although not every chameleon will react exactly the same to the same situation. When is the last time he ate? Force feeding is kinda a last resort that is why I am asking.
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    He hasn't eaten on his own since I've had him I gave him half a syringe of reptiboost on Sunday
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    wow, so, you have had him three weeks and he has not eaten on his own? I have to say that is past the point of "getting acclimated" to his surroundings which can cause a chameleon not to eat at first. I think I would be getting him to a vet and a fecal done at this point. What cage temps are you registering?. When you have enclosure that is small, you have to be careful with the temps and lighting.
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    Does anyone know of any good reptile vet around Cincinnati Ohio. Ive called about ten places and they only see cats and dogs.
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    Finally found a place I have an appointment At 9:30 hopefully everything goes well and he doesn't break my wallet

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