Jackson Chameleon help!


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Hi I have a jackson chameleon and I have a few questions. My chameleon loves being out and about but lately he has dark spots popping up here and there. Then if I look at him again a day later some will go away but some stay. He has one spot on his mouth that is discolored and is peeling a little bit. Can someone help me out or give me any ideas? Or should I take him to a vet and get him checked out? Also I don't know if he was wild caught or not. Anything will help thanks!


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can you post some pics please? Sometimes they can get a thing called mouth rot but if it is peeling it could be shed. If the spots are coming and going I would not worry about that


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I agree, it might be mouth rot, and you should contact whoever you bought it from, they will have info on whether it is cb or wc.


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Here is a few pics. The area's change depending on his mood it seems like. Hope this helps!


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