Jackson Chameleon has eyes closed before bedtime


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Hello everyone! I am writing this to inquire if it is normal for a Jackson chameleon to have its eyes closed before bedtime. I came home at 6:10 PM and found my chameleon in bedtime position with his eyes slowly closing until they were squinting/shut. His normal bedtime is 6:30 PM and the sun usually rises and gives him the signal to wake up at about 6-6:30 AM. So he roughly gets 12 hours of sleep. Is anything wrong in this situation? Should I be worried at all? Thank you for the future feedback x_x


I don't have real experience yet, but somewhere I heard or watched a video and it said that a chameleon closing its eyes and getting ready for bed like that is (probably) normal behavior.
My Jackson’s sometimes roosts and tucks himself in an hour or two early, with eyes closed. He’s totally healthy so I believe this is normal behavior


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Mine will go to their spot but do not close their eyes. He may be getting too much light at night. TV or room light can affect their sleep pattern. It is always a good idea to double check your temps etc if their is a change in behavior.


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Eustis , my Jackson’s has done this in the past to. Now he waits til lights out at 7 pm to go find h is rooting spot and go to sleep.
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