Jackson Chameleon. Cage requirments and equipment help please!


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Hi, I am looking to buy all of my equipment for a Jackson that I will be getting in the near future. So I am asking basically what I will need specifically for an adult Jackson chameleon. I am pretty set on getting an 18"x18"x36" cage from cages.net. So most other equipment suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thanks alot guys!
Well go to the plant list...most you can get for 10 bucks at home depot. Make sure you wash the plant leaves...they spray pesticides on them. You need a 5.0 reptisun bulb for UV light. A 60 watt reptile basking bulb. You can mist the cage with a hand mister. You can make your own dripper with a plastic cup. You need the proper food for your insects to eat so they are nutritous for your jackson. Non phosophorous calcium in powder form and vitamin powder. I personally use reptilefood.com for ordering crickets. You can use newspaper to line bottom of cage. Thats all i can think of for right now.
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