jackson cham vomiting. Please help!


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Hi. It appaers that one of my female jackson chams is vomiting. I have seen vomit in the cage 2 times. About 2-3 weeks ago i saw a cluster of crickets and today i noticed a cluster on mealworms. What can cause this? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Craig.
Feeder size can play a role. If they are to big or sometime consumed to quickly. I am not sure what you ment by the crickets cluster on the mealworms? It is possible for a chameleon to catch more then one bug at a time. If your jackson tried to swallow a couple crickets and a mealworm that could make for a sick stomach.

To much water could do this. I would think normally this is probably not a concern but if you are manually misting and they take it directly in it could happen. Possible if they consumed a lot of cold water or at least this has happened to me.

Death rattles. If your chameleon is showing no other signs of being ill I would probably dismiss this one.
thanks Jordan. SHe seems normal other than that. There was a cluster of crickets in one vomit and a cluster of mealworms in another vomit. There was alot of mealworms and crickets in the vomit so she must have been eating too much.lol. thanks. Craig.
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