Jackson’s night temps!


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I apologize for getting people excited to see a Mt. Meru. I was not paying 100% attention to my post and realize that i had the wrong "Mt." and the wrong country altogether. I'll chalk it up to the fact that i was reading about Mt. Meru Jacksons earlier in the day. I also have a Machakos Hills Jacksons. Relatively new purchase from JacksJill (thanks!). He is doing very well. A bit shy but will already take crickets from a cup and is pretty active and curious. I have a large enclosure that is solid on all sides but has a screen front. I also have sliding glass doors so i can try and retain humidity at night. Just my personal experience so far...which is not long...My enclosure is in the 80's at the top 4th and gets down to low to mid 70's towards the middle and bottom. I have a few side vents and a small quiet fan that runs all day. I notice that he spends his entire day in the top 3rd. My reptile room happens to also be my home office. He moves lower at night but my night temps will never get below probably 65. It isn't practical to have a separate air conditioner for my reptile room. I have a fogger that i run at night and I noticed today that my mister will lower the temps 2 degrees if i run it for about a minute. I run the mister 4 times a day for short bursts. Trying to avoid soaking/killing all of my live plants. I have about 5 inches of soil and peat in the bottom to help with humidity and I'm working towards something close to bioactive. Hoping to feed him some small dubia roaches in the future. I have a baby Triceros Hoehnelii that also likes cooler temps. They are keeping me busy along with all the other reptiles in the room. Thanks for all the info.
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