Jackson’s changing color


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Hello. Normally my Jackson’s is green. At other times he is darker. What does it mean when he changes color to the dark green/brown
The pic below shows him darker which usually occurs when under the basking light



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Darker colors can also be a sign of stress. Make sure they have lots of places to hide and feel safe. Were you able to add in more plants and branches since you posted back in April? If you can easily find your chameleon and if there are empty spaces, then odds are you need more plants and branches. If you post a recent pic of your cage we can offer some advice :) Here is an example of what to aim for:


And here are some videos you might find helpful:



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Hey Gingero,thanks much. Here’s a pic of my setup. I’m waiting on four Maiden Hair Ferns. I placed the order more than a month ago. Worried I’ve gotten scammed . In addition the local plant nursery is getting a shipment today as well. I’ll have at least four more plants added to my terrarium today.Normally my Jackson’s basks under uvb/basking bulb and rests at the bottom of the terrarium at the base of the ficus tree. That’s all for now.
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