I've Lost Herbie

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Guys I am so upset. Trying hard not to cry and not to blame my husband.
Herbis got out of his cage again while I was sleeping. Michael saw him in the living room and didn't put him up. When Michael came back in from out side the door didn't shut all the way and I guess Herbie got out into the back yard. We have searched every where in the house and have combed the yard all day. We've been looking sense 3:00 pm. I bought a search light to look after the sun went down. It is now 1:00 am and no luck:(

My yard is fenced in but with many trees and dense bushes all a long the fence. I have searched in both my neighbors yards as well. I just can't find him. Tomorrow I have to work from 10:00am to 12:00am so I have lost a whole day.

I am so desperate! I feel like cutting down every limb and bush in my yard in hopes of finding him. Does anyone know how high a cham will climb in the wild? Please pray for Herbie and will him home.
Sorry to hear Herbie is missing :(

The only advice I could give would be the search light at night, but you are already doing that. I have read of other people finding their lost chams, so don't give up.
I have found chams in the wild with a spotlight as their eyes shine. You have tried that before, but it wouldn't hurt to try again tonight.

hey alex: How does it work? I would assume the would be sleeping or would the light wake them up? Tonight I will look for shinning eyes.
Today I sprayed down all the trees and bushes, hoping he will get something to drink. I can't decide if I should continue to soak everything or maybe let him venture out for water. what do ya'll think? I am also worried about the temps at night. It's starting to get down into the mid 50 here in VA
Very sorry to hear Herbie has gone missing:(
I too have heard of chameleons being found after going missing for a few days so anything is possible...
It is very likely that he has gone up very high in one of your trees. Some chameleons have been known to 'glow' in the dark - one of mine used to do it but he was a different species to yours - a Fischer.
Best of luck finding him, I know I would be worried sick myself:(
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