Ive fallen!!!


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My bf and i have changes our chams cage into a free range cage. Well this eveing i was here at home watchin tv when i heard some leaves from our tree infrout of the cage rattle. Well i look back at the cage and didnt see any thing different, well i got a little more concerned and i looked again. Well this time i look down on the floor and there was Titus, our cham. Well i started to get a little worried because i also heard a little plop on the floor where he had landed. So i was a little concerned if 1) he fell out of the cage, or 2) he jumped? Not to long ago we saw a cham on youtube jump from a tree to a log, so i was wondering if that was a jump or a fall he did and if he is gonna b ok?
I think he probably just fell.

From what I've read, chams are built to withstand falls. So, if your cham looks ok and and is acting normal, then I wouldn't worry about it.
I would just look for any changes in bevhaviour, or ribs poking out/broken legs, but 95% of the time chams withstand falls unharmed. Andrew has fallen a couple of times, thankfully without enduring any harm :)
ok good deal, i mean he's done this a time or two with me, but my g/f freaked lol. so i had her post this on here, and get sum info and opinions from u guys.
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