It's laying bin time!


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So I think it's time I prepare a laying bin for Cleopatra. She is going to be 5 months at the end of this week and her weight as of yesterday was 13.1g. She is still pretty small but I just want to make sure everything is there if she needs it. She is my first female so I don't know what to really look for in her when she becomes gravid, I don't suspect her to be so because I have been controlling her temps and food intake carefully. (She basks no hotter than 83 and eats about 8-12 small crickets every other day.)

I was shopping at wally world and I saw this cheap canister set for 5 bucks so I picked it up. There 3 are different sizes and I think the middle one would be good in Cleo's 15x15x20 until she goes into her juvi cage. Its dimensions are 5.25"x5.25"x7". Is that a good size for the little girl? I know bigger dimensions are recommended but this canister would fit in the back corner very nicely where it is well hidden. One of my concerns is that it is pretty narrow so she won't get too many holes in it and I feel that could be its only problem. I also had a question about the medium, I know to use "playsand" but I have to admit I have no clue what it is exactly?! :p Is it the stuff you fill a kids sandbox with? I didn't have one growing up so my sandbox smarts aren't up to snuff. And how do you wash sand?


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I use organic soil. yes, it is just sandbox sand. Some people use a mixture with success. I dont know how to wash sand. perhaps a filter cloth? Whatever medium you choose, Id add some water to every layer you apply. I think the main concern is the depth. You dont want your cham bottoming out. It does sound a little too small. You couldnt fit a bigger one in that same corner? Also, I just keep a large deli cup in there at all times. If I get home & see a bloody mess, its full sized laying bin time.


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I used the coco husk stuff (Ecoearth) because I happened to have lots of bricks of it left over in a closet and because I live alone and was not about to haul 100lbs of sand up my stairs by myself lol Ecoearth worked well for me, because it's got a very similar texture to normal dirt. Organic dirt or sand will work just fine as well.

Jann's blog will definitely give you a lot of good information :)
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