It never rains in Southern California...


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So I have been reading about keeping chams outside in the rain so I was wondering if I should try this today. The high is going to be about 60 degrees so I'm a bit hesitant. Is that too cold?


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Ehh yeah way to cold right guys are adults and they are normally outside full time, they have been in every night for the last month or two..since it's been cold, windy, and raining on and off...On a good sunny day I put them out then bring them in at night..most people say they will be okay in 50 degrees..I bring mine in at 60... Not sure about you but Burrrr I would be cold if I left them out in 50 degree weather! :eek: but any day it rains or its cold there def. inside...


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I would say it is a bit too cold also for panthers also. If it were 70 degrees I would say go for it but let them definitely get warmed after wards. I love letting my animals stay out in the rain and so do they! When the weather is good my animals stay outside in storms, light rain etc. Provide them with plenty of cover so if they want to get out of the rain they can. I have kept very young neonates to adults stay outside in big storms. If there is hail or wind advisory I will bring them in, if not they have to brave the storm. They know what to do;)


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I've got my deremensis, jackson's, hoehnelli's, and baby weidersheimi outside in it. ALL the panthers are inside, though.


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My Kinyongia are outside High 65, low 50, foggy and dark and wet. They are HATING it so here's what I say about using the rain today: If it rains on a warm summer day you animal may love it but if it is already cold to begin with your cham will probably just seek cover. If you are having some hydration issues then it may be useful but otherwise it is not worth it.
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