is this cage good enough for my babies

i set up my babies cage now that they all hatched and out and are eating. i set them up in a 15 gallon aquarium and and have 3/16 in dowels in crosscorner pattern with fake plants in the middle


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finally someone replies to my thread. shelby did you know there is a repticon show june 10th at the FOP on beach blvd. they are so cute i have 3 males and 6 females
I don't have any experience with chams of that age, but they do look very cute :) Are they eating and drinking well?
It looks like it would be fine for now but i think that you will need some real plants. the fake plants are easy and have a lower chance of carrying any desies, but i think that it is really important to have a real plant for them to chill on. Its kinda like: would you rather walk barefoot on the cement, or on some nice fluffy grass....the choice is yours...:D
I'll be at the show in Jax. on the 10th. Anyone going to have a booth?
By the way, those babies look nice and healthy! The use of live plants is benificial because it is more natural and it also raises the humidity level a bit, but fake plants also have benifits like being easy to clean and no dirt in the tank. Also you can't sterilize live plants. I use both.

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i haven't been able to buy some live plants yet so they are in that setup right now i will try to be there and most likely be at the jax herp society booth if i do go
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